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Impact of 3D Architectural visualization on the Real Estate Domain

3D modeling and rendering has been a key factor which brought a major change in the architecture and construction industry. With its help, real estate businesses can now produce photorealistic images of homes, offices, and other building spaces. The 3D rendering technology usually involves creating precise visualizations of the building structure. However, with 3D modeling, physical replicas of the building design can be created. Overall, these virtual designs holds a very important place to simplify the work of the designers and architects. Using these technologies will also help in convincing the clients.

Both the 3D technologies can be incorporated in different areas of the property space to enhance its appearance. Here are few examples where it is mostly used.

  • Interior Designs :

    The 3D technology is mainly implemented for furniture, indoor frames and paintings, doors, carpet and rug placement, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, washroom, etc. to improve the look of the home or office interiors. In addition to that, designers can use it for carrying out and coordinating their 3D interior design projects.

  • Exterior Designs:

    Exterior design is another important aspect of architectural projects which can be enhanced using the 3D rendering and modeling technology. It involves creating photorealistic 3D designs for the elements that are present outside but within the building premises. It usually includes a porch, deck, garden, patio, facade, outdoor painting, etc.

  • Floor Plans :

    The 3D technology is also utilized for representing the floor plans of the property. It helps to provide an accurate display of the unit while showcasing a variety of other aspects like shadows, furniture, angles, texture, and more. Besides, the developed 3D floor plans can offer a better sense of transparency during real estate marketing.

Different Benefits of Architectural 3D Rendering and Modeling

There are different ways in which real estate companies can benefit from 3D architectural modeling and rendering technology. They are:

Easy, Quick, and Efficient Process

Previously, 2D sketches and blueprints were used to present the design or plan of the entire building structure. The process was complicated and really complex when designers wish to make any necessary edits in the design. Besides, the clutter of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines always confused the laymen.

However, with 3D modeling and rendering, the process becomes much more simplified and clear. It is now easier for the viewers to get a perfect and precise image of the plan, which provided them with detailed insight into the particularities of the house 3D design. You can also include interactive virtual tours for the building projects as a part of 3D rendering. It will enable agents to showcase the overall design and architectural features to the clients, thereby arousing their interest.


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