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About Us


Governlogic Provide  a cutting-edge consulting and services company that uses cutting-edge technology and creative solutions to help our clients navigate the digital world. By utilizing the potential of cutting-edge technologies that bring together business information and technological know-how to drive change and produce outcomes, we are dedicated to working in tandem with our clients to enable their organization goals. Our ability to successfully integrate automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques across industries including banking and finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, etc. has been the key to our success. Governlogic has operations that serve customers all around the world. 


We are GRC and Information Security Professionals who have a deep experience about GRC and Information Security and also in depth knowledge on GRC products Like RSA Archer and the business use cases, we are also ISO implementer and auditors and understand each organization needs to go BEYOND FUTURE!!!! We are constantly striving to come up with creative ideas and build efficient solutions to help clients with streamlining their business processes, and enhancing the user experience with technology using RSA Archer for GRC.

We are also involved with many customer in mainframe support and also Quality checking with many automation tools and manual testing. If you think we upgrade you/ your clients with better solutions and approaches, please share and promote the our business with them and get better advantages from us! Contact us anytime.


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