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We provide solutions to grow your business

We help our partners to transform in Intelligent enterprise having productivity improvisation using robotic process automation and to help in rapid business growth

Partnering in application support using newest technology and support our partners to achieve required goals

We help you in setting up Governance, Risk and Compliance for your organization to make strategic decision to achieve business goals. Also we help organization by testing the products using various automation tools and manual testing.

Governlogic in United States
Governlogic in United States

Business Solution

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) helps to strategy for managing an organization's GRC with regulations. With a structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements.Providing technical support in achiveing business goals for our partners and supporting 24x7 on call support to have uninterupted support. 

Governlogic in United States


Our goal is to help our companies maintain or achieve best in class positions. Help our partners in business solutions, technical solutions, acquistions, Risk management, continuity management and we partner in growth of our partners to take partners beyond future!!!

Start your business easily with us- Need demo on our case studies?

Get understanding on how organization need to set up Policy management, Integrated risk management, Vendor risk management, Incident management, exception management and managing breaches and also case studies on ISO implementation, automation and manual testing and Robotic process automation 

Governlogic in United States
Governlogic in United States

Build Governance, Risk and Compliance as Services

GRC as a Service helps simplify your risk management processes by providing options for outsourcing the people and technology you need to manage specific risk areas, or an entire program. Whether we combine our expertise, platform and resources with your existing organization or step in to be your end-to-end GRC program provider, you can be confident that you have some of the best in the industry working for you. Whether it’s third-party (vendor) risk management, risk control self-assessment, full enterprise risk management, or any other GRC area, we have you covered.