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Governlogic in United States

We provide solutions to grow your business

We help our partners to transform in Intelligent enterprise having productivity improvisation using robotic process automation and to help in rapid business growth

Partnering in application support using newest technology and support our partners to achieve required goals

We help you in setting up Governance, Risk and Compliance for your organization to make strategic decision to achieve business goals. Also we help organization by testing the products using various automation tools and manual testing.

Governlogic Business

Governlogic in United States

Technical Solutions

We help in automating and optimizing the process and also helps in integration with different platform with any technology along with application development and support. We have good experienced professionals on UI/UX, Data management and worked on information security domain.

We also help in new technologies or methodologies to drive innovation and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Governlogic in United States

Business Solution

We work on various types of business models to achieve business needs from our customers. Having more than decade experience in executing projects end to end to reach customer needs.

We also engage our partners such as RSA, Uipath, AA , Microsoft on product upgrades for upgrade in business process. 

Governlogic in United States


GCPL has a brilliant pool empowered with cutting-edge technology skills and backend by proven processes. Our team comprises of consultants and domain specialists, possessing deep understanding of industry, knowledge of required skills and right attitude to address manpower requirements. The management team comes from MNC experience background.

The missing link in Risk Management

  • Visibility on Governance
  • Visibility on Risk
  • Visibility on Compliance
  • Visibility on Ownership & Accountability
  • Visibility with Granularity
  • Cross-discipline Risk Visibility
Governlogic in United States

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Technology consulting is a professional service that provides expert advice and guidance to businesses and organizations on how to leverage technology to achieve their strategic objectives, improve operations, and solve specific challenges. Technology consultants, often referred to as IT consultants or tech advisors, work with clients to identify, plan, implement, and manage technology solutions that align with the client's goals and needs. Here are some key aspects of technology consulting


Technology consulting is a service provided by experts and firms with specialized knowledge in information technology (IT) and its application to solve business problems or achieve specific objectives. Technology consultants offer advice, guidance, and solutions to organizations looking to leverage technology effectively, improve their operations, and stay competitive in the digital age. Here are some key aspects of technology consulting

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Professional Staffing Support

The most advanced and skilled temporary and permanent employment solutions available in India. Our extensive database of staffing resources is supported by a tried-and-true HR management architecture, which makes personnel deployment enjoyable for you.

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Governlogic in United States

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