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We provide Business Solution on every need on GRC and Automate any Process using RPA tools. We also do Quality Tesing.

RSA Archer comes with many core solutions which can be modified according to business needs.

Enterprise Management: Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) is concerned with control, monitoring, management of IT infrastructure and applications in order to optimise IT service delivery. We can manage enterprise management using RSA archer and from the Robotic Process Automation tools we can automate assessments and any moniroting stuffs.


Business Continuity Management: Business continuity management (BCM) is a framework for identifying an organization's risk of exposure to internal and external threats. BCM includes disaster recovery, business recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management and contingency planning. Using RSA archer we can have centralized repository of data, which would be more likely managing BCM risks, notifications, call true and few more. Using RPA tools we can automate report generation and hand it over to top management.


Risk Management - RSA archer Integrated risk management deals with : IT & Security risk management, Enterprise & Operational risk management, Third-party governance, Audit management, Public sector risk management, Business resiliency and Compliance management. With  RSA archer we can manage organization risk profile and risk heirarchy, also it can deal with many of the organization's top risks.


Incident Management: An incident is an unexpected occasion that disrupts the everyday operation of an IT provider. A problem is an underlying problem that might cause an incident. Trouble management includes the measures taken to save you from the occurrence of an incident.

IT incident control facilitates an employer organized for sudden hardware, software and safety failings, and it reduces the length and severity of disruption from these events. It could comply with an established ITSM framework, such as it infrastructure library (ITIL) or COBIT, or be primarily based on a aggregate of pointers and great practices established over the years.

Using RSA archer we have manage centralized repository for many kind of incidents. It could be either physical, health & safety, loss incidents, having streamlined approval process, notification to approvers. Also RPA tools can be used for better report generation.


Audit Management : An audit is carried out on management gadget. A fine control system audit evaluates an existing satisfactory control program to decide its conformance to employer policies, agreement, commitments and regulatory necessities.

Importance of Management Audit, as its name signifies, attempts to evaluate the performance of various management processes and functions. It is an audit to examine, review and appraise the various policies and actions of the management on the basis of certain objectives standards.


Policy Management: Highly regulated organization environment requires companies to establish and maintain policies and standards that set and follow the framework and guardrails to operate within.

Company has many business areas with policies, standards and procedures. Policies are not consistently defined and in varying formats, Difficult to locate, Static documents - cumbersome to update, Ability to consistently track exceptions at the policy / standard level, Creating a friendly end user experience, Adapting to organizational changes, Interdependencies with Program initiatives.

Using RSA Archer we can manage centralized policies and associated controlstandards and procedures and also we have policy amendment workflows, exception workflows along with that .We can also indetify risk associated with it. 


Business Solution using RPA Tools 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software intending to automate business processes through virtual robots within a computer. The robots are built to perform repetitive process-oriented tasks in the same way a human would, but it is faster than a human, it makes no mistakes and it works 24/7. It will become your automated employee.

RPA is seen as a virtual assistant, which will help the employee to log in, type, copy, calculate, collect information, structure data and more.

RPA is used for the process which are rule based and repetitive in nature. It is not an intelligent automation. But it can be integrated with AI.


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